All about Carrierscheck

The benefits of our service

At Carrierscheck, we cater to all users, regardless of the country where the parcel is shipped or the carrier making the delivery. This way, everyone can easily and quickly access a geolocation service for their parcel. Don't worry about where your items are going or which transport company is delivering them, and shop online with peace of mind! No more hours spent waiting for news of your parcel. You can now see the location of your items at a glance.

Sometimes delivery is delayed because of a problem with the transport company or customs. But with Carrierscheck, you know exactly where your package is!

Easy access to the location of your parcel

Take advantage of a complete geolocation service to track the progress of your parcel in just a few clicks! To access the route of your items, simply provide us with the parcel number indicated at the time of your purchase. Then tell us your email address so that we can send you the information you need quickly.

Then, all we have to do is consult our file to trace your purchases and indicate its exact location! In the event of a customs blockage or transition between two countries, we will indicate the last scanned location of your package.

If you have any questions regarding the tracking of your parcel, our helpdesk is there to assist you

Global Location

Whether your parcel originates from the USA, China or any other country, we are able to track its location and notify you by email. This means that this will no longer be a problem for you when you shop online!

A wide range of transport companies

Our comprehensive database allows us to track your parcels, regardless of which carrier the sender uses. In addition, we constantly update the carrier database, thus accessing the requests of all our users.

Whether the delivery is made by one or several transport companies - which is often the case when your package has to cross several countries and travel thousands of kilometres - we track your items accurately.

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